National Events

First Class Educators hosts several National Conferences throughout the year including the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) and Automotive Boot Camp (ABC) . Details on each of these venues and the calendar of events can be found online through the links below.


The annual Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) is a popular event designed to give dealers access to the top industry leaders and market experts to refine their automotive marketing strategy.

Dealers do not have to spend more money to increase sales and profits, they just have to develop a better strategy on how to leverage their current marketing budget. The DMSC venue is the place to learn from industry experts and successful dealers who share competitive strategies to gain market share and momentum in the marketplace.


The Automotive Boot Camp (ABC) is a hands-on conference that provides the needed training and skills development car dealers need to run their business in an Internet centric world.

As margins are compressed, dealers need the best strategies to lower their operating costs through greater efficiency and smarter advertising and marketing strategies. Car dealers seeking hands-on training, mentoring, coaching and assistance with creating the structure, process and innovative marketing plans, should invest in sending key staff to the Automotive Boot Camp.