Automotive Internet Program


Automotive Internet Program

Every autumn season, First Class Educators produces the Automotive* Internet Program (AIP). The AIP is an 10-week educational program which provides dealership employees a crash course in the latest digital marketing strategies. The AIP course curriculum combines the most important elements for automotive* digital marketing as well as adding coursework on social media.

Each participant will dive into the core of digital marketing with intensive SEO, social media marketing, automotive development training and more. The instructors of the AIP are specialists in their topic areas and were carefully selected based on their field of expertise.

The Automotive Internet Program is perfect for those who are looking to gain more knowledge in digital marketing, and also for those who are more advanced looking to learn the latest strategies. At the end of each program, attendees must provide a presentation to their department heads to show what they have learned. Attendees will also take a midterm (mid-course) and a final test at the end of the 10-week AIP.

For more information or to sign up for the Fall 2014 program, visit the Automotive Internet Program‘s website.

*Applies to not only the automotive industry, but other industries aiming to learn more about digital marketing.