Digital Marketing Blitz, An Enticing One-Day Event

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Local Search Group and First Class Educators proudly announces their first event of 2013, Digital Marketing Blitz (DMB), a one-day extravaganza scheduled to take place on January 23rd. DMB will be the first-ever conference of its kind and will kick off the Houston Auto Show, one of the nation’s largest automobile shows, at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas. For those unfamiliar, the Houston Auto Show has been occurring since 1984 and attracts up to 450,000 attendees each year! In the past, the Houston Auto Show has internationally debuted the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012, and the 2007 Ford Expedition in 2006. For all those car lovers out there, Digital Marketing Blitz is the perfect way to jump-start this event! DMB is structured to have a full day of speakers and workshops along with breakfast, lunch and a cocktail reception.

Digital Marketing Blitz 

Digital Marketing Blitz will consist of 12 workshops. Speakers at this event include Jim Flint, Ralph Paglia, Brian Pasch, Dale Pollak and more. Jim Flint, one of the creators of DMB, is the president and founder of Local Search Group, an automotive digital marketing agency that provides custom digital marketing solutions. Ralph Paglia is Editor-In-Chief of Automotive Digital Marketing (ADM) and runs one of the largest online professional communities in the automotive industry. Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital Marketing, built his business from the ground up through insight, strategy, and constant education over years of accumulating diverse skills. Dale Pollak, founder of vAuto and best-selling author, is one of the leading authorities on automotive dealership management strategies.

Digital Marketing Blitz is designed to ring in 2013 with the automotive industry’s top-notch leaders providing the best strategies to help your business excel both financially and educationally. Towards the closing of DMB, small groups known as “huddles breakouts” will commence so dealers can get advice about their digital marketing questions answered by industry professionals. DMB will be a great conference to start the year off right. If you are interested in this event, take action! Sign up for our early bird special, which includes a registration discount and a free VIP pass to the Houston Auto Show.

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